Only a little bit, jeez, gimme a break.

Oh shit hi reader! I've written a new story called "Foxbutt," and I'll give you three guesses what it's about. Actually no fuck that I'm too excited I'll just tell you - it's about tits on raccoons. Just kidding, it's about a guy who's been walking round as a blatant anthro fox for twenty years and has only just noticed TODAY. I've never written furry porn before so this'll probably be new and a bit weird for both of us, let's investigate together.

Foxbutt is 24,000 words of weird furry erotica about hot fox boy ass and the lucky girl who gets to squeeze that hot fox boy ass. It's more hetero than I usually go for but it's still pretty heckin' queer. The actual squishy bits are boy-solo or boy-girl with the camera on the boy, so for full enjoyment a suitable reader should have at least a passing interest in wang. Or at least a mild curiosity. Click here or on the book cover if you're a little curious and want to know what the fuss is about regarding this whole "penises" thing, or for that matter, this whole "fox guy" thing - I mean they're both pretty popular, there's gotta be something to it, right?



Oh my goodness this series. I love it. Amazon readers love it. Literotica loved it, got awards and everything. Here's the elevator pitch: Nina is a freckly kinkster, Samantha is a bespectacled mad scientist, and the two of them explore BDSM. The action starts slow and gently and giggly but ramps up to quite intense stuff in a very fun, high-energy sort of way. And I do mean that in more ways than one, there's electricity involved.

"Mittens" is six books long so far out of seven planned, and in the very first book we learn that Nina is into watersports but super-shy about it.

Now folks who aren't into pee, don't worry, Nina doesn't even raise the subject until book four, "High Voltage Mittens," and no actual pee happens until book seven, "Soaking Wet Mittens," release TBD. Folks who are into it, I hope you agree that the drawn-out, agonized waiting is the best part, because this is over 75,000 words already and it's gonna be well past the 100k mark before we're done, so grab a BIG cup of tea, settle in, cross your legs and click here or on the book cover for more details.