Friends of Phoenix!

Holy shit it's a links page! Remember those?

CavemanJoe writes a great text adventure game, and also helps me out with covers and this website. His game is called Improbable Island! It used to be the world's most popular text adventure, and now it's the world's most popular text adventure that isn't furry porn. I'm trying to talk him into writing a furry porn game but he's too busy.

Georgeanna Bingley (Amazon link) is a dear friend and inspired me to start writing porn. She writes kink and consensual non-consent.

Callie Oliver (Amazon link) is another dear friend, and one I hope to collaborate with some day. She writes about tickling, you guys, and I had no idea tickling could be so sexy until I read her stuff. Seriously, try it, you'll be delighted and also turned on.

Girl on the Net writes an excellent sex blog, but lots of people write excellent sex blogs - you should check Girl on the Net out specifically for her audio entries, which turn boring commutes into... very not-boring commutes. Sexy, funny, often both, "Come in your pants while I think about Crossrail" is one of my favourites.

If you'd like to trade links, drop me a line!