Holy shit, you read the thing at the bottom of the page?!

Well okay, here's the rationale for just making a plain old ordinary website and not filling it up with crap.

I don't need any Javascript because I don't allow Javascript to run on my own machines, unless a website is so broken that it won't work without it and I really need to look at that website. The internet works so much better with a whitelist approach to Javascript - it cuts right down on adverts and everything loads and runs much faster and smoother.

I didn't pop up an annoying cookie warning thing because my website doesn't give you any cookies. You're already sweet enough.

I don't use Google Analytics or similar software because 1. I don't want Google spying on my readers while they're trying to read about butts, and 2. what's it gonna tell me, that people like butts? No shit Sherlock.


This website collects no personally-identifiable data. If you'd like to verify this for yourself, right-click and view the source code. Links outside of this website will in all likelihood suck up your personal data like a horny vacuum cleaner and then sell said data to any psychopath who has the ability to pay for it, and will correspondingly have their own privacy policies full of horrible shit, which you are advised to review carefully.

In the words of my good friend CavemanJoe, "I think the internet was better when it went WEEEWEEEWEEEWEEEhrulghhhhlurll B'DANG, B'DANG-U"